About us

GBCE College of Education, Nilokheri is a pioneer institute for Teacher Training with its students enmarking its presence in the society through various academics and curricular achievements within a very short span of its existence. It is the hard and smart work of the Faculty and staff in coordination with management that this college has created a unique presence in the social and academic society.

GBCE College was inaugurated with the dream to bring quality education to the society and to become a premier institute for grooming the academia.

Education is an instrument of human development. It brings light to man and thus elevates the quality of human society. Since ancient times, education has been given an exalted position in society teacher in an education system plays a pivotal role. Therefore teacher’s education is most vital area for the improvement of education of a country Keeping in view the long felt need of this area Guru Brahmanand college of education came into existence to provide quality teachers. This institution is established by a group of expert academicians, professionals and philanthropists who have gathered under one roof with the sole objective of spreading healthy education to all aspiring young students of our society. We aim to bring out the hidden talents of the young students. We propose to help our students release their strength, recognize their aptitude and mould them according to their needs. We wish to extend our helping hand in producing talented and skilled lady graduates who will be the main pillars of our society.