Principal Message


The Profession you are stepping into is a very noble profession, demands a great deal of devotion, dedication, commitment and sincerity.

Teacher is the prime resource of the educational system. The development of the society rests regularly on the shoulders of the teachers. Teachers shape their pupil children in the classroom and they themselves get trained in the teacher training institutions. Thus the quality of education is directly depends on the quality of teachers & the quality of course outline.

The Role of teachers only as a dispensary of knowledge is not relevant now. It is more important for them to initiate their students into the art of learning by helping them to acquire the right mental attitude & learning habits. Their delivery of knowledge has to be supplemented with their spending more time diagnosing learners need, motivating and encouraging them and checking the knowledge acquired.

In every field today, the key to success is vision, dedication, determination and hard work. So put in sincere efforts and the outcome will be highly satisfying. The Spark of innovation, goodness, hard work & sincerity is in you. Just ignite the spark and I am sure you will shine like a diamond in every sphere of life and each corner of this globalized world.

Guru Brahmanand College of Education
Manchuri, Nilokheri (Karnal)